If you need extra liquidity due to a punctual economic event, you can always resort to quick money credits to solve your problem instantly. On the next page, you can compare and choose among the best current offers to get the money you need in a matter of minutes.

Get fast money and bank transfers

We can find different types of loans with installment payments that we can request according to our needs. Depending on the amount of quick money we wish to request, the purpose or our personal situation we must choose the type of quick credit that suits us best:

  1. Microcredits: they are loans of amounts that do not exceed 1,000 euros and that we must return in a maximum of 30 days. Their interests are around 1.1% daily and we can request them through the Internet and have the money in our account in a few minutes.
  2. Private quick credits: they are products marketed by private equity companies with which we can get larger amounts of money than with mini loans, usually up to 5,000 euros. The interest of private fast loans is usually from 5% per month.
  3. Bank personal fast loans: they are credits of a greater amount (from 4,000 euros) with a reimbursement period that can last several years. Your interests are between 6% and 12%, we can request them online and in a few days we can have the money in our account.
  4. Payroll Advances: are credits granted by our bank with which we can access one or several times the amount of our payroll. Being our own entity we can have the money in our account in a few minutes, although to access the payroll advances we must have a certain age and have an account that allows this action.
  5. Credit cards: they are also a form of financing. If we already have a card, we can use it immediately; however, if we do not have, the application process can take between a few minutes and several days, depending on the entity where we request it. The credit limit that we can access will depend on our economic situation and the entity itself.

These are the different options that we can find when we look for fast financing. Depending on the amount that we want to request, the entity where we want to do it and our personal situation will be more convenient for one product or another. For example, to avoid a bank draft in our current account or receive a traffic ticket, the best option is to request a mini credit or use a credit card (if we have it previously) for the speed in which we can have the capital , but if what we want is to pay for our studies, to carry out a reform or to finance a new vehicle, the best thing will be to ask for quick personal loans of greater magnitude.

Where can I apply for quick loans nowadays?

A few years ago, practically the only way to get financing was through banks, but now we have many other options to get fast money without having to go through the bank. Depending on the type of quick credit that we need, we can go to three different types of financial entities:

  • Banks: it is the most common option. In banks, we can find a wide variety of quick loans, but the requirements for accessing the financing we need are more demanding than in other entities and, sometimes, they are not as fast as the other entities that offer us loans.
  • Private lenders: it is the fastest option. They are entities specialized in quick money. This speed has a slightly higher cost than fast bank loans, however, in return we will get the money in a few minutes and their requirements are laxer than in banks.
  • Non-financial companies: entities such as department stores, telephone companies or dealers also offer financing to acquire the goods or services they sell. They usually grant it at the moment and, unlike the other two entities, they will not give us money, but they will directly give us the product we want to buy and we will return the price in comfortable installments.

Depending on the purpose we want to give the credit, it is better to go to one entity or another. For example, if we want to buy a mobile in installments, the most convenient option will be to go to a department store or finance it through the telephone company itself, while if we want to avoid an overdraft because of an unpaid bill, it is possible that Requesting a mini credit from a private lender is a more appropriate option.

How long will it take to get fast credits?

As a general rule, fast loans grant money in a few hours, which allows us to enjoy the financing we need practically immediately, but there are cases in which the money will take to reach our account for up to 2 business days- Published Here at green-touch website. To avoid having to wait and get money quickly we must take into account the two main factors that affect the speed at which we can get to receive the quick credits:

  • Bank transfers: although fast credit institutions transfer money immediately after approval, transfers between the same entity are faster than transfers between different entities. To ensure that the transfer is made immediately we must choose a lender that works with the bank where we have our checking account.
  • The day we make the request since some lenders are not available on holidays and Sundays.

What will they ask me to hire fast money?

In order to access the financing we need, we must comply with certain conditions. The more capital we request, the more requirements we must fulfill. Each entity has specific conditions, although all agree that we must meet the following requirements:

  • Be of legal age: we must be at least 18 years old, although some entities require us to be over 21 years of age or even 25 years.
  • Being a resident in Spain: we must live permanently in the national territory
  • Enjoy sufficient income: a payroll, a pension or any source of regular and sufficient income to be able to face the credit installments. The minimum income required is 500 euros per month, although if we want to request a larger amount our income must be consistent.
  • Do not have outstanding debts: if we are registered in files of defaulters such as RAI or ASNEF, we will not be able to request financing. Although there are some fast mini-credit entities that accept people registered in files of defaulters, as long as we comply with their requirements.

Documents to request quick credits

To demonstrate that we comply with the requirements mentioned in the previous section we must deliver several documents to the entity along with the fast credit application form. In general, these products do not require much paperwork to formalize the request, so in most cases, we will only have to present the following documentation:

  • Identity document: DNI, NIE or passport that certifies that we live in Spain and that we are of legal age.
  • Proof of income: a photocopy of our payroll, pension or unemployment benefit
  • The account number for the lender to make the money transfer urgent
  • Bank statement: so that the lender knows our monthly income and expenses

Delivering or attaching these documents with our application form we will have successfully completed the request for quick money. In a few minutes, we will receive the lender’s approval along with a contract. We must read carefully the terms and conditions of the contract and, if we agree, sign it and send it to the lender to make the credit transfer.

How to repay the money fast?

Once the repayment period is over, we will have to return the money quickly to the entity together with the generated interest. Depending on the type of quick money we have hired, the method of reimbursement may vary. Normally, quick mini-credits are repaid in a single capital payment plus interest, while quick personal loans are repaid in monthly installments consisting of a part of the capital plus a portion of the interest.

These are the different ways in which we can return the quick money requested:

  1. Bank transfer: to return the money quickly we can make a transfer of the capital between our current account and the current account indicated by the lender.
  2. Payment in cash: we can also reimburse you by making an income directly to the entity of the quick money through the window of the office of the bank where you have the current account. If we use this option, it is vital to specify in the concept who has made the reimbursement.
  3. Domiciliation of installments: this option is more common in larger urgent personal loans. As if it were an invoice, we can choose to be deducted directly and on the agreed date of the corresponding loan installment. This option is more comfortable since we do not have to remember each month to repay the loan monthly payment.
  4. Payment by card: it is an increasingly common option among private equity lenders. As if it were an online purchase we can refund the money quickly through the entity’s platform with our debit card.

Normally, fast money credit entities will allow us to choose the refund method that best suits us, although some only offer a single method of refund and we will have to adapt. It is important that when hiring these credit products, we inform ourselves about the options they offer us.